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Share Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise Editions with our Quickbooks Terminal Server.

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License Quickbooks Pro,

Premium, Accountant & Enterprise Editions

Share Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise Editions with our Quickbooks Terminal Server. Purchase our Software as a Service plan and license your Intuit products on a monthly basis; get free version upgrades every year.

Not sure which Quickbooks plan to get; compare our Quickbooks plans or call a sales engineer to find out which plan fits your needs. Watch this demo to see how easy it is to run Quickbooks right from your web browser.

Host All Your Applications

- Not Just Quickbooks

Get the only Quickbooks hosting solution that allows you to install any and all of your applications in one place. Share with your coworkers or customers any Windows applications.


Our InfiniteApp Servers are

100% Satisfaction..

With our Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.)TM, we achieve 100% uptime. Every server is protected by VMware HA Clustering, SAN Clustering and a redundant everything architecture. We ensure the fastest possible performance with dynamic

100% Protected..

InfiniteApp includes free onsite and offsite backup using Application-Consistent Snapshot technology. You get total data protection with daily onsite backups, 6 daily and 4 weekly; plus all data is replicated offsite throughout the day. With our A

100% Accelerated..

With our Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.)TM, we achieve 100% uptime. Every server is protected by VMware HA Clustering 

100% Secure..

InfiniteApp includes free Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Perimeter Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware. Every network transaction is inspected by our unique perimeter devices, blocking known attacks and CVEs. Viruses and malware transmitted ov

Touch the CloudTM

With Infinitely Virtual's Terminal Server plans, you can literally touch the cloud. Connect to your terminal server with a touch-enabled Windows 8 computer, and you can interact with your applications the same way you would if they were installed on your own computer, with your finger. We support any version of Windows, Mac, iPad, Android and Chrome; every plan supports connecting with either a remote desktop client or Internet Explorer. Stream the entire desktop or just the applications - it's your choice.

Choose your Datacenter

Infinitely Virtual offers its customers a choice between hosting their servers in Los Angeles or Boston. So no matter where you are, you get the best possible performance. Just select your preferred DC on the build plan page.

For more information on Intuit's suite of desktop products, click here.

Every server is hosted in our revolutionary Enterprise Virtualization EnvironmentTM. E.V.E. enables us to offer our customers groundbreaking 100% Uptime Guarantee and Infinitely Scalable servers. See our unique plan customization control panel.

Compare Quickbooks Hosting Plans

Quickbooks is included or is available on many of our Office Virtualization and Cloud Hosting plans. To help you choose, we have prepared this table. This information reflects the configuration options available on the web. In many cases, simply adding servers from the Virtual Server Hosting plans can give a plan an added feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. Systems engineers are available to discuss all plans.

Included Optional Not Available
Plan/Cost 1 User 3 Users 5 Users 10 Users 20 Users 30 Users 50 Users 75 Users 100+ Users
InfiniteApp Quickbooks $22.49 $22.49 $21.60 $21.59 $20.70 $20.70 $20.69 $20.69 $17.99
Quickbooks Terminal Server - $38.06 $29.30 $23.28 $22.28 $21.33 $20.69 $20.64 $18.88
Quickbooks Terminal Server - Premium - - $45.68 $32.47 $27.25 $24.81 $22.96 $21.87 $20.02
Quickbooks Virtual Office Network - - $63.15 $45.52 $38.32 $35.01 $32.77 $31.41 $29.42
Plan/Feature TouchCloud
TSPrint Custom
Approx. Cost/User
InfiniteApp Quickbooks Shared Shared Shared $18 - $22
Quickbooks Terminal Server Dedicated $18 - $38
Quickbooks Terminal Server - Premium Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated $20 - $45
Quickbooks Virtual Office Network Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated $29 - $63

per user/month

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Quickbooks TS - Premium

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Quickbooks VON

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