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Virtual Terminal Server - Premium

Our Virtual Terminal Server – Premium plan is perfect for growing businesses. You get all the benefits of our VTS – Standard package, like a Cloud Server with Microsoft Windows 2008 or 2012.

Our InfiniteApp Servers are

100% Satisfaction..

With our Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.)TM, we achieve 100% uptime. Every server is protected by VMware HA Clustering, SAN Clustering and a redundant everything architecture. We ensure the fastest possible performance with dynamic

100% Protected..

InfiniteApp includes free onsite and offsite backup using Application-Consistent Snapshot technology. You get total data protection with daily onsite backups, 6 daily and 4 weekly; plus all data is replicated offsite throughout the day. With our A

100% Accelerated..

With our Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.)TM, we achieve 100% uptime. Every server is protected by VMware HA Clustering 

100% Secure..

InfiniteApp includes free Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Perimeter Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware. Every network transaction is inspected by our unique perimeter devices, blocking known attacks and CVEs. Viruses and malware transmitted ov

Simply Share Windows Applications with Coworkers

Share your Windows applications with coworkers anywhere in the world. Our Virtual Terminal Server plans are truly the simplest form of Cloud Computing. Simply connect with Remote Desktop, install all your applications, and create login names and passwords for each user; you are on the Cloud.

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Included Optional Not Available

Choose your Datacenter

Infinitely Virtual offers its customers a choice between hosting their servers in Los Angeles or Bo

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Touch the Cloud TM

With Infinitely Virtual's Terminal Server plans, you can literally touch the cloud. Connect to y

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Print and scan seamlessly with TSPrint and TSScan by TerminalWorks. TSPrint offers driverless pr

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Infinitely Virtual is proud to introduce you to our Enterprise Virtualization EnvironmentTM, or what we have affectionately named E.V.E. E.V.E. is a onceptual model of our state-of-the-art virtualization infrastructure. It was designed with several goals in mind:

100% Customer Uptime
Near-physical Server Performance
Absolute Data Protection
Support for High Value Custom Services
Industry Cost Leadership
Industry Environmental Leadership
SSAE 16 Type Il Audited

Options - Virtual Terminal Server - Premium

Infinitely Virtual's Virtual Terminal Server - Premium plans are Infinitely Scalable - more customizable than any other servers in the industry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a sales engineer by calling (866) 257-8455.

Remote Desktop Users

Support up to 100 users for just $5.99/month per user.


Provision up to 32 GB of RAM to any server in 128 MB increments for just

CPU Cores

Provision up to 12x 2.53 Ghz cores to any server in 1 core increments for just

Boot Disk

Provision servers with up to a 500 GB boot disk (15k FC/SAS) in 1 GB increments.


Add low-cost storage to your server, up to 2 TB, in 10 GB increments for just

IP Addresses

Provision servers with up to 5 IP addresses for just. $1.00/month.

Technology - Virtual Terminal Server - Premium

Basic Building Block

The basic building block of every plan is our revolutionary VMware based Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) running on our exclusive Enterprise Virtualization Environment (E.V.E.)TM. Our Virtual Dedicated Servers are unique in that they are both virtual, consuming shared resources across our massive E.V.E., and dedicated, giving customers complete control over the operating system. Our Virtual Terminal Server plans enable you to install any feature of Windows and install any supported application.

What is a Virtual Terminal Server?

Our Virtual Terminal Server - Premium plan includes redundant Active Directory Controllers, a Virtual Terminal Server, and a Virtual Dedicated File Server with SharePoint 2013 Foundation in a private VLAN protected by our vShield firewall. This sophisticated application and file sharing plan is perfect for companies that want to integrate applications with a robust Active Directory, join office computers to the Active Directory, or will eventually have multiple terminal servers.

All Quickbooks Terminal Server plans are licensed for you to install your own Quickbooks software. Optionally, you may license from us Quickbooks Pro, Premier or Accountant Edition, making this a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

Compare Plans

VTS Cores
Max: 12
Max: 32 GB
Max: 2 TB
Max: 4 TB
Max Users
Gold 2 1 GB 30 GB 2 TB 5 $151.99 Build Plan
Platinum 2 2 GB 40 GB 4 TB 10 $204.99 Build Plan
Platinum+ 4 4 GB 50 GB Unlimited 20 $275.99 Build Plan
Diamond 6 6 GB 60 GB Unlimited 35 $329.99 Build Plan
Diamond+ 8 8 GB 70 GB Unlimited 50 $394.99 Build Plan