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How Do I Access Applications on a Virtual Terminal Server?

By default our VTS plans are configured for you to access them using free software that is included in every Windows operating system since Windows 98 called Remote Desktop Connection. Simply open Remote Desktop Connection and provide the IP address of your server, and you will see the desktop of your VTS. From there you can run any application just like you were running it from your own PC. Remote Desktop Connection is available for both Macintosh and Linux computers. Optionally, you can access your applications through a web browser; just enable Remote Desktop Web Access. Support for thin clients is included.

Dedicated Server Performance

Infinitely Virtual VDS plans feature the industry's highest performance. Every server has between 1 and 8 2.53 Ghz virtual CPUs, shared on hosts operating, on average, below 30% CPU utilization. This means that an any given point in time, your server will have the ability to utilize all 2.53 Ghz of your CPU cores. We ensure that every server is backed by 100% of the RAM included in their plan, up to 16 GB. Servers are connected to our virtual switch infrastructure at 1 Gbps, and Internet connectivity is 100 Mbps. Most importantly, our servers are stored on our NetApp SAN with 15k fibre-channel disks, ensuring the highest disk performance in the industry.

Infinitely Scalable Servers

One of the unique advantages of Virtual Dedicated Servers vis-à-vis dedicated servers is their ability to be upgraded in very small increments without having to reinstall the server's operating system or applications. We offer our customers the ability to upgrade any aspect of their server in tiny increments.

  • Add 2.5 Ghz CPU Cores - up to 12 cores
  • Add RAM in increments of 125 MB - up to 32 GB
  • Add disk space in increments of 1 GB - up to 1 TB
  • Add monthly transfer in increments of 500 GB - up to 4 TB

This enables you to scale your server as your needs grow without disrupting your users.

Better than Dedicated Server Access with vCloud Director

With our vCloud Director enabled plans, interact with your Virtual Dedicated Server from Infinitely Virtual like you were sitting in front of your server. A serious limitation of dedicated servers is that you cannot see the console, insert a CD in the drive or power cycle the server without remote hands. Until now, these were limitations that customers had to tolerate to get the performance their applications required. Our VDS plans feature:

With these unique features, you can interact with your server whether or not the operating system is running. If you accidentally lock yourself out of VNC or remote desktop by modifying the firewall settings, you can easily connect to our Virtual KVM and let yourself back in. If you want to insert a CD, DVD or floppy, just access our Virtual CD/DVD & Floppy feature. And if for any reason the server won't restart gracefully, just power it down and back up with our Virtual Power Buttons.

Is Your Dedicated Server or VPS Plan Clustered?

We define the standard for fault-tolerance, guaranteeing 100% uptime. Every Virtual Dedicated Server is protected by E.V.E., with features like:

Serious Data Protection

We take data protection seriously. Every plan includes our unique data protection feature. Every server in our environment is backed up nightly by taking a point-in-time snapshot of the entire datastore. Unlike our competitors who take crash-consistent snapshots of their customers' servers, we take application-consistent snapshots. We retain daily backups for 7 days and weekly backups for 4 weeks.

Our Process:
  • Instruct the VSS aware applications on each VM to quiesce all transactions, including:
    - Exchange Server
    - Microsoft SQL Server
  • Instruct the VM to quiesce all disk transactions, creating a VM level snapshot
  • Take snapshot of underlying datastore
  • Delete VM level snapshot

Free SNMP Monitoring

To ensure the best possible performance, we give our customers free SNMP monitoring. Every server in our environment is monitored by our enterprise NMS. We constantly monitor CPU usage, RAM usage and disk usage, and if your server exceeds our norms, we notify you so you can take corrective action.

Learn More About E.V.E.

Learn more about our exclusive Enterprise Virtualization EnvironmentTM and how it sets us apart from the competition. When selecting a hosting solution, there is only one question you should ask, "Is this plan hosted on E.V.E.?"